Manual processes cost your Credit Union money, time, and quality of life for your team members. The solution is a workload automation platform. 


“The time-saving and work-life balance it brings is incredibly valuable. Without this tool, we’d have to increase staffing significantly in this area.”

– Molly Schmidt, VP of Information Technology, Veridian Credit Union

SMA Technologies offers you our Buyer’s Guide: Workload Automation for Financial Institutions.  In this document you’ll find out what the key features and benefits of a modern automation platform are 

Workload automation software can help organizations:  

  • Increase IT efficiency and boost overall productivity. 
  • Identify and resolve issues before they become significant problems. 
  • Reduce operational costs with reliable automated processes.  

OpCon does more than automate. It makes your life easier.  

Download the guide today and start your journey to a less stressful, more productive workday.  

Save Time. Save Money. Save Stress.