Regain Time and Become an Innovation Champion

Manual processes cost your Credit Union money, time, and quality of life for your team members.
The solution is a workload automation platform. 

“The time-saving and work-life balance it brings is incredibly valuable. Without this tool, we’d have to increase staffing significantly in this area.”

Molly Schmidt, VP of Information Technology, Veridian Credit Union

SMA Technologies offers you our Buyer’s Guide: Workload Automation for Financial Institutions.  In this document you’ll find out what the key features and benefits of a modern automation platform are 

Workload automation software can help organizations:  

  • Increase IT efficiency and boost overall productivity. 
  • Identify and resolve issues before they become significant problems. 
  • Reduce operational costs with reliable automated processes.  

OpCon does more than automate. It makes your life easier.  

Download the guide today and start your journey to a less stressful, more productive workday.  

Save Time. Save Money. Save Stress.

About SMA Technologies

SMA Technologies offers powerful, easy-to-use workload automation and orchestration software to eliminate manual tasks and manage workloads across business-critical operations. It's the perfect fit for financial institutions, insurance companies, and other transactional businesses. Many of our team members come from financial institutions and have personally experienced the power of OpCon. We exist to give you time back, so you can do what really matters — whether that's implementing strategic business objectives or making it to your child's sports games, our automation makes it possible.