Financial institutions have three critical automation needs: 

  • ACH processing
  • End of Day processing
  • Share Draft/Checking processing

OpCon is built to flawlessly and reliably run these processes every day so our clients can go home on time and sleep easy. But that's not all we do.


A modern automation platform emphatically delivers high value because it’s not a simplistic scheduler. It’s a tool that will turn your team into IT process orchestration maestros, capable of automating almost any process that can be scripted. Here’s what it delivers for you: 

  • Convert manual processes into automated workflows, reducing errors by up to 90%. 
  • Achieve lights out processing  OpCon handles the ACH and overnight processing so you can move your people to day shift 
  • Integrate and automate your IBM i, Windows, and Fiserv, Symitar, or Corelation apps and processes into a central point of control.  

Connect with a CU Automation Specialist

Over half of CUs with more than $250M in assets choose OpCon


Our automation consultants are experts with long experience automating all of the major credit union cores. We’ve got installation and migration from outdated schedulers down to a fine-tuned process that can typically get your team trained and ready to go live by the end of a two week engagement.  


We offer no cost, unlimited basic training for the life of your contract. We know that getting the most out of a software solution requires your team to feel confident in it, and we ensure your team has the knowledge needed to not only run your core IT processes, but to expand automation to other business unitsbringing even more value.  

What our customers say

All our manual processing is pretty much gone. I’ve already freed up almost an entire person (for other work), and we’re not done automating yet. Because we’ve taken out that human/typing component from so many jobs, our accuracy has gone through the roof.” 

– 1st United Credit Union 

OpCon clients share their experiences


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Your feedback becomes new features


SMA’s Product and Development teams are strong believers in listening to customer feedback. Over 25% of our product features in OpCon have come as the result of customer requests, and many of those from credit unions.  

  • Dedicated Fiserv DNA agent makes it quick and easy to import templates into OpCon.  
  • Custom Fiserv XP2 tool for installing command line inputs in OpCon workflows makes for fast onboarding and implementation.
  • Easy to run Symitar Episys jobs with a dedicated agent.
  • Faster Corelation Keystone processes managed with our custom integration.
  • Low-code UI with granular scheduling and frequency options to cover any job schedule.
  • Flexible self-service interface gives IT and non-IT users the power to execute on-demand automated workflows.



SMA automates XP2, DNA, and a number of other Fiserv banking cores and applications.  


We work with both the retail version of Episys as well as the back-end processing datacenters.


Keystone is the primary Corelation product we automate, with an additional Jasper reports integration.

Stay at the front of the pack

Technology always moves fast, and we won’t let you get left behind. We offer both a yearly and short-term (approximately every six week) feature release cycle, along with integrations for AWS, Azure, Docker, and more. When you’re ready to upgrade your systems, OpCon has the tools you need.



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