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Save Your Seat Webinar The 7 Insidious Risks of Custom Automation Scripts

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 11:00 AM CT

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IT teams have been using homegrown, custom scripts to automate repeatable processes in the financial services industry for a long time. Initially, this approach seems like a great cost saver as you can leverage the talent you already have to create your own automation—without having to invest in and learn new software.

The problem with custom scripts is just that—they're custom, meaning they’re built over time by different people using different tools and unique scripting styles. That resulting hodge-podge of commands, scripts, and tools too often puts mission-critical operations at risk. 

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 11AM CT, join Ryan Dimick, CTO at SMA Technologies, Andrea Downing, Product Marketing Manager at SMA Technologies, and many of your industry peers for a full breakdown of how modern-day workload automation mitigates the risks posed by custom automation scripts, including:

  • Inadequate reporting and compliance  
  • The increased likelihood of human errors and security issues  
  • Interoperability hurdles  
  • Time and cost burdens  
  • And more

Whether you’re an IT professional, director, VP, or C-suite member, if you want to find out how you can mitigate the risks posed by custom scripting with WLA, this webinar is for you! 


Ryan Dimick

Ryan Dimick

Chief Technology Officer at SMA Technologies

Ryan Dimick is the Chief Technology Officer at SMA Technologies. He’s responsible for leading the Engineering, Managed Automation Services, and Customer Support teams. 

Prior to joining SMA, Ryan was in your shoes, working in IT for a credit union. When he noticed that time-intensive, manual tasks were limiting his ability to fully utilize his skills, he took the initiative to implement automation in his department. After an incredibly successful implementation, his organization never looked back. 

Andrea Downing

Andrea Downing

Product Marketing Manager at SMA Technologies

Andrea Downing is the Product Marketing Manager at SMA Technologies. She is responsible for featuring the benefits and advantages of OpCon through webinars and visual materials.

Prior to joining SMA, she had spent the last 20 years working with libraries all over the globe. She held the positions of software trainer, sales engineer, and product owner for a major library software company.

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