Get The Most Out of Your Workload Automation

Scale Your Operations.


Whether you’re automating end-to-end workflows or orchestrating between multiple IT environments, OpCon is equipped to handle all your automation needs.

Have peace of mind knowing that your workload automation and orchestration solution is equipped to grow to your business potential, not its limits.

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Remove IT Complexity.


Take the burden off your IT Team by empowering business users to manage workflows through Self Service and low code automation.

Reduce the learning curve of new systems and create shorter downtime and greater efficiency for your team. Keep your business moving with just the push of a button. 

Fully Automate Your Business.


Tackle your workflow on a global scale while only paying for what you use. Utilize a complete workload automation and orchestration solution designed to bring different systems together under the same umbrella.

Whether you need to store data in the cloud as a backup in case of outages, or use as a workflow to bring up other systems in your environment, OpCon can help reduce recovery time from days to minutes, saving your team hours to get back to the work that matters.

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"It's monitoring if a job fails and we get notifications immediately so that we can react, rather than having somebody sitting here watching the machine run... And if you think about the nighttime staff that we don't have anymore, and the other monitoring that we would be doing during the day, it's probably saving us a good eight hours a day."

- Janice Scott, Associate Dean of Enterprise Systems

One Platform. Many Possibilities.


Master/Daily Schedule

Gain visibility and insight into what will happen on future days with the ability to calculate scheduling ahead of time.


Frequency-based Scheduling

Set rules around special calendar days and know that your job will always run without the need for manual intervention from IT.


Self-Service Automation

Business user-friendly automation designed to give task ownership to other departments under one interface.


Multi-Instance Scheduling 

Remove redundant tasks and save time on repeatable processes by executing one task over multiple parameter sets.



Utilize custom variables to minimize complex logic builds and create more dynamic processes in faster time.


Advanced Failure Criteria

Know more than just pass or fail of a job. Evaluate and take action on where a job failed using job output parsing.


Version Control &

Change Management 

Easily move workflows between environments with the right tools built directly into OpCon.


Low Code Environment

Many automation tasks can be done without writing scripts, making OpCon an easy-to-use tool for IT teams and business users alike.


Advanced SLA Management 

Closely monitor and track critical SLAs, and drill down and diagnose issues of your business critical workflows with the easy to use real-time dashboard.

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